Take the opportunity to make an initial inquiry free of charge

As far as it is possible to do so, we will happily answer your questions, free of charge, in a short email. In some cases our response will merely constitute an initial step in solving your problem, but in any event we will at least be able to identify the direction of your problem and indicate what further action we would recommend.

It goes without saying that even at this preliminary stage, attorney-client privilege applies to all information and data that we receive from you, as well as the fact that you have even asked us for advice in the first place. This knowledge will be kept completely confidential and we will not disclose it to anyone.

This initial inquiry is a service offered free-of-charge by EUCONNEX and its partners. The submission of a request for information will not bring about contractual relations between the inquirer and EUCONNEX and/or its partners (individual lawyers or law firms). Contractual relations will not be brought about in this way by the inquirer either.

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