EUCONNEX IS THE NAME: European Construction Law Networking Experts.

EUCONNEX IS A EUROPE-WIDE GERMAN SPEAKING NETWORK of highly specialised law firms with particular expertise in construction law, architects- and engineer´s law, real estate law, public procurement law, and other related fields of law.

EUCONNEX, THE FIRST POINT OF CALL FOR CONSTRUCTION LAW IN EUROPE: We are able to recommend a proven expert in numerous countries throughout Europe who can attend to your questions with the highest degree of professional competence and will support your cross-border projects in other European countries with their combined experience in German and the local language. Of course you may communicate with all of our attorneys in English as well. EUCONNEX partners advise and represent both clients and contractors in the private and public sectors. For a list of countries in which we are active, please click here , or on “Locations” on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar.

This intermediation is a service that we offer our clients free of charge and without commitment.


At EUCONNEX our common goal is to use our specialised practical experience of construction- and real estate law to help lead our clients to success and to support them to the best possible standard in the respective foreign country.

OUR CLIENTS BENEFIT FROM the national and European experience that EUCONNEX partners have as a result of rendering legal advice, settling disputes, and conducting court cases for clients on a day-to-day basis, and furthermore due to their active participation in conferences and seminars.

WHEN WORKING WITH EUCONNEX, our clients have at their disposal our partners´ many years of practical experience in the areas of construction and real estate.

EUCONNEX can also enable you to BENEFIT from the application of the most modern means of communication. Getting in contact and the exchange of information is fast and easy, as well as safe and efficient.

EUCONNEX IS LISTED on the commercial register in Hamburg as an EEIG (European Economic Interest Group). The respective partner firms operate subject to the laws applicable to them.