Individual areas of law:

Architects- and engineer´s law

Even though Europe is gradually becoming more unified, the requirements that must be fulfilled before a professional is permitted to practice in a particular member state still differ throughout the EU. We would be happy to advise you in this regard if you are an architectural or engineering office looking to set up a branch in an EU country or to render services cross-border.

Furthermore, we can offer to represent you in the event that a building owner and/or contract awarder or a construction company attempts to make a claim against you, as an architectural or engineering office, for alleged planning or monitoring defects.


Construction law

A generally applicable or Europe-wide, uniform definition of the term construction law, does not exist. It is standard practice to distinguish between public construction law, on the one hand, and private construction law on the other hand. We are able to offer you comprehensive legal advice in both of these disciplines.

We advise investors and project developers in the field of public construction law, in the acquisition of property and project development. This advice and support ranges from the early development phase (due diligence, land development, building planning and securing of real property) and obtaining the necessary permits, to dealing with objections raised in relation to your activities.

In the area of private construction law, we can prepare all of the necessary contracts and supervise the planning and the execution of construction during projects (civil engineering, facilities and infrastructure, as well as energy projects). We have a wealth of experience in both the enforcement and defence of claims in respect of all construction-related issues.
We also work with insurance companies whose policy holders in other European countries have construction law-related questions that need to be addressed.

Real estate law

EUCONNEX partners are fully competent to deal with any legal questions you may have in connection with the sale and purchase of real estate. Our years of experience in this area will ensure that your property transaction is handled competently and in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations in the respective member state. Our advisory services in this field range from supporting you in the purchasing of houses and apartments and the strategic acquisition of real estate portfolios, to the implementation of real estate projects in the area of commercial real estate and the construction of shopping centres and similar structures.

Corporate law as it relates to construction law

Once you have reached a settlement in relation to a construction project to enter into a joint venture or bidding consortium, and need to form a local company, we can assist in the preparation of the relevant documentation. The same applies to the preparation of consortium agreements. We are also able to assist you if any disputes arise out of your corporate relations. You can rest assured that with us you are in good hands!

Warranty-, liability- and damages law

If you ask us to enforce or defend any warranty, liability or damage claim, then you have come to the right place. This area of law is a core competency of all of the EUCONNEX partners. Irrespective of whether you are involved in planning, are a construction executive, an insurance company, or a building owner; we understand your concerns and those of your customers.

Frequently, in warranty, liability and compensation cases, insurance law issues (such as operating and property damage liability insurance) must be taken into account. If you so require, we will handle your case in close cooperation with the relevant insurer.

Adjustment of claims with/for insurance companies

We will also happily handle the enforcement or defence of claims directly with your insurance company. In addition, we represent the interests of insurance companies and their policy holders abroad and lead debt collections.

Contracting- and procurement law

Public procurement law, which can also be described as public contract-, regulatory-, tender- or contracting law, includes all of the rules and regulations that must be observed by public authorities, or public utilites entities in terms of the procurement of goods and services they need in order to perform their duties. It also includes the laws and procedures in each country under which bidders may seek legal redress for infringement of the rules in respect of the purchase of the aforementioned services. We advise both clients and bidders in respect of legally compliant implementation of procurement procedures or in relation to applications for certain assignments, as well as appeals against incorrect contracting decisions.

Contract law

The preparation or review of contracts is a fundamental part of an attorney’s practice in the field of construction law. In addition, it is necessary to take account of each country´s specific features, which companies that do not yet have a presence in the respective country, may not be familiar with. In some countries, certain types of contracts trigger high charges, which can be avoided. In other countries the validity of a contract depends on obtaining certain regulatory approvals. We can protect you from any nasty surprises!


We can advise and represent you in respect of court- and arbitration law enforcement, in arbitration, peer review, and in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. In many countries of the European Union it may be obligatory that you are represented by an attorney depending on the type of dispute in question and the value of the claim and you may find that you will need to be represented by counsel in court. Be aware of the deadlines that apply to you in relation to submitting your arguments and avoid making any premature statements about the matter at hand, as they could have a detrimental effect on your legal position. We therefore recommend that you involve a local EUCONNEX attorney in any event at the earliest opportunity. We can also our offer support in relation to compulsory enforcement orders whether they are issued domestically or abroad, and can help secure your economic interests in the event that one of your business partners becomes insolvent.

External experts/advisory groups

All of the partners in the EUCONNEX network are experts in their fields, but they cannot be expected to know everything. Very delicate issues of construction law very often involve not only isolated questions of law and technical questions also play a fundamental role. In order to guarantee you the best possible advice, it is often necessary to enlist the help of external experts. EUCONNEX partners are able to get in contact with these experts on short notice and form interdisciplinary advisory groups. Our pool of contacts includes university departments and engineering companies, as well as certified experts in a variety of different fields.